Harana be my Valentine?

Join us for a one of a kind evening!


Looking for a unique and special way to celebrate Valentines this year?
How about an old fashioned harana (serenade) with dinner, roses and an award winning movie?

This year, as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, ANAK is hosting Harana be my valentine? on Thursday February 18 (6 PM) at Canad Inns Polo Park.

The evening will feature a special 3-course dinner with serenaders and roses available to woo your friends and/or special someone. It will also feature a Winnipeg first with the screening of the film, Harana: The Search for the Lost Art of Serenade. Join acclaimed musician Florante Aguilar as he travels to remote provinces in the Philippines in search of master haranistas (serenaders of the vanished art of Harana in the Philippines). Showing with English subtitles.

Come join us for this one of a kind Valentine’s evening.
RSVP by February 7, 2016
Buy tickets online, call 204-504-7178, or email info@anak.ca

Harana Movie Trailer 
Directed by Benito Bautista and Produced by Fides Enriquez.

ANAK launches official 10th Anniversary Theme Song OPM Pinoy Tayo

Winnipeg High School Students Craft Tune to inspire Filipino-Canadian Youth

Winnipeg, December 8, 2015 – On CKJS Good Morning Philippines, ANAK officially launched Pinoy Tayo, a locally produced OPM written and composed by Winnipeg high school students.
“It was very hard. We didn’t know what we were doing at first, but [ANAK] helped us polish things up,” said grade ten vocalist Hazel Panaligan.
Pinoy Tayo is written both in English and Tagalog and features local talents ranging from grades nine to twelve who contributed to the instrumentals and vocals through the mentorship of facilitator, Johsa Manzanilla.
“Every year ANAK has a Youth Forum which brings together students from all over Winnipeg. This year’s theme was Ekspresyon. Those in the music workshop wanted to express what their identity means to be Filipino-Canadian,” said Manzanilla. “This is what they came up with.”
The overwhelming response for the song’s positive message has prompted ANAK to record and share it with the broader community. It is now ANAK’s tenth anniversary theme song for 2016. 


For more information contact info@anak.ca

Empowering the Community with Worker Rights Knowledge

Workshop participants complete the Rights Activity

ANAK is proud to have hosted two successful Workplace Health and Safety Workshops last November with the support of Migrant Manitoba and the MFL Occupational Health Centre.

Welcoming two dozen participants with diverse work backgrounds in healthcare, service, and manufacturing industries, Facilitator Johsa Manzanilla highlighted topics under the Government of Manitoba Employment Standards Code, Labour Relations Act, and Workplace Safety and Health Act.

Facilitator Johsa Manzanilla

The workshop is geared towards those with Permanent Resident status and have limited work experience in Canada.  ANAK Executive Member, Johsa Manzilla, completed the mandatory 10-week training under the MFL Occupational Health Centre to become an official facilitator.

“We look forward to hosting more workshops in the future,” Manzanilla states. “It’s necessary we keep reaching out and make sure this service is available to the community.”

Participants discuss worker rights.

Is work killing you? Know your rights. Be workplace safe. Get the WS&H Certificate.

by Rix Reyes (Published in Pilipino Express November 1-15)

Money is said to be the root of all evil. Well that may be the case if your workplace is the site of your likely injury, abuse, or even worse – death. Over the year, we ANAK have witnessed our fair share of youth and families compromising their own health to earn needed wages. It’s important we take the time to know about our rights in the workplace; that there should be no reason to even fear dismissal for following our consciousness.

This is why we invite you all to take part in a FREE Workplace Safety & Health Workshop on Thursday November 26, 2015 (6:30 p.m.) or Saturday November 28, 2015 (2:00 p.m.). This workshop in partnership with Migrante Manitoba, will provide you with the skills to spot workplace dangers, respond constructively, and refuse dangerous work. We encourage parents, youth, and everyone with work to take part. A light meal will be provided. Certificates of completion will also be awarded.

Have you or anyone in your family:
·         worked overtime only to not get paid for it?
·         suffered an injury at work to not get compensated?
·         performed a duty that you deemed unsafe?
·         refused a coffee or lunch break by the boss?
·         dismissed without just cause?
·         experienced bullying at work?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time you learned what to do and what can be done to ensure your work is a safe environment.

Register to become a participant: click here to register online
or email info@anak.ca, or call 204-999-1348.